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Masur Technology Co.,Ltd,

We,MASUR TECHNOLOGOLY CO.,LTD is a high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D, production and marketing of various professional measuring instruments, including digital thermometer, digital thermo hygrometer, high temperature food& BBQ thermometer , temperature & humidity controller, Weather Station ,Ammeter&Car Voltmeter, digital scale, digital caliper, blood pressure monitor, body infrared thermometer ,industrial infrared thermometer , alcohol tester ,PH/EC meter, digital multimeter, clamp meter, insulation tester, coating thickness tester, video borescope, laser distance meter, data logger, moisture meter, light meter, Tachometer,sound level meter, anemometer, gas detector, thermal imager etc


Whether it is the products first manufactured by MASURTECH, to the OVER 10YEARS  leading test equipment product lines offered today, to being one of CHINA's leading calibration and compliance services providers, MASURTECH remains focused on your quality performance requirements.

MASURTECH offers a unique approach to our position as a leading distributor of test, measurement and controls instruments by supporting invento
ried lines with the ability to calibrate and test instruments at the point of sale while offering repair and rental services for these products.Most importantly, we are a team of highly qualified professionals who pride ourselves in our commitment to providing the highest level of service to our customers.




Company Details

Main Market

North America

South America

Western Europe

Eastern Europe

Southeast Asia

Middle East




Business Type




Trading Company



No. of Employees : 5~100

Annual Sales : 100000-1000000

Year Established : 2009

Export p.c : 70% - 80%

Company History

The company "MASUR TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD" was founded in 2009 by Mr. Oscar of the present owner in Shenzhen,China.The young enterprise could well develop in the beginning. Already in the 2005 year there were made exports within Europe and overseas.


Nevertheless,an efficient sales organization in the home country was quickly developed, too, and already in the beginning of the fifties exports could be made again in different countries.


MASURTECH products enjoy not only in China but all over the world an excellent reputation as quality products. The export in more than 40 countries of the world is a proof for this. Many innovations were created to make the production of measuring Instruments easier and to assure exact measuring results.


Who wants to measure today, must be able to count on the exactness of his measuring instrument. This premise is most important for MASURTECH. Some machines are of own development and assure that all measures are correct at any time.

Part of the philosophy is also a clear focusing to the client. On demand, the measuring tools are custom-made and adapted to the individual wishes - in shape and color, as well as in functionality.


The whole MASURTECH team with its long term experience and knowledge always tries to fulfill the customers demand and to find a solution.



Company Service

We provide the following services


• Warranty, after-sales and service support, full technical support for the company's products and services at all stages of interaction with customers, including on their territory. A unique experience in servicing and maintenance of equipment is supported by the support of manufacturers and global service centers.


• Free information - technical support, providing customer information materials and technical documentation.

• Advising on the assembly, installation and operation.

• Development of technical specifications, the technical conditions.

• Assisting and organizing conferences and seminars.

• Providing advice in the field of metrology and metrological activity.

• Technical recommendations for a constructive solution of the issues of application equipment in the customer.

• Demonstration of technical capabilities of the equipment.

• At the end of the warranty period, if necessary, repair of equipment and replacement parts to the customer as soon as possible the necessary parts and rendered any services on maintenance and repair of the equipment can be provided.



Company Team

Our Team of Technical Specialists are able to provide consultancy, advice and support for your immediate needs in precision engineering.Quality and Service are our commitment to our customers.


Our attention to quality goes beyond the products and services we deliver. Our sales, customer service, and support teams stand ready to produce expert advice, application assistance, and technical support wherever and whenever our customers need it. Since calibration is an intangible service, our customers rely on us to uphold high standards and trust in the integrity of our people and processes.


We are the leading supplier of calibrators in the markets we serve. We believe our customers do business with us because of our integrity, commitment to quality service, our MASURTECH asset management system, and our broad range of product offerings.


Measuring team factors in evaluations of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) may provide important information for enhancing CQI processes and outcomes; however, the large number of potentially relevant factors and associated measurement instruments makes inclusion of such measures challenging. This review aims to provide guidance on the selection of instruments for measuring team-level factors by systematically collating, categorizing, and reviewing quantitative self-report instruments.

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